Copy & Fax


Copy, Fax, and Shipping Services

Our copying services are versatile, and can be used creatively to produce the results you desire. Basic copying options include: single or double-sided copying, stapling, copies on colored paper, three-hole punching, and other features. Many jobs are small enough that they can be done while you wait or you can have them brought via delivery, shipped or pick them up later.

As a UPS provider we offer a full line of packaging and shipping services. We offer everything you need for small or large business shipping with daily pickup shipping. We can help you manage all your shipping needs easier and faster.

We offer both sending and receiving fax services and our fax machine is set to receive faxes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For incoming faxes, we email or call recipients during our business hours beginning with those faxes received overnight.